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Track all your Personal Bests in one App

Always have a list of your current Personal Bests right in your pocket. The app helps you to stay motivated to achieve new Personal Bests and let's you compare your Personal Bests with those of your family and friends. Download the app today for iOS or Android.

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We are constantly working to bring our passion into the app for you to enjoy.


Add your
Personal Bests

Add your personal bests in any activity, whether you're a runner, swimmer, strength athlete, or doing something completely different. Browse through existing activities in the app or create your own custom activities. See how you are progressing over time in all your activities.

Feature Personal Bests
Feature Groups

Create Groups
with Family and Friends

Create groups and invite people to push each other to new Personal Bests. For each activity you add to your group, you get a ranking among all group members. You can customize your groups by selecting a group icon and color.

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